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We know that the job search can be a lonely and confidence-deflating place. Whether you’re in-between jobs or trying to make a strategic career move, finding a new job can be exhausting. 

But you don’t have to go it alone.

  • They don't charge enough (or don't know what to charge!)
  • They don't have a proven framework to get results for clients
  • They struggle to differentiate themselves
  • They burn out because they don't have a scalable model
  • They are overwhelmed by *doing all the things* to get clients

You're not alone.
Most career coaches struggle because:

We get it.

A job where you’re excited to go to work.

A job that aligns with your career values.

A job that pays you what you’re worth.

Are you an HR leader, recruiter, or career counselor who is struggling to launch and grow your career coaching business?

It's your turn to build a career and life that you love.

With the right tools, strategies and training, we believe that it's possible to take the stress out of building a successful Career Coaching practice.

learn the PROVEN RTE methodology THAT HELPS candidates become irresistible hires

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Get coached on our step-by-step process to launch and grow your career coaching business in 90 days or less

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rte methodology

With the certification you’ll have access to our proprietary, 5-part system that is designed to help your clients land jobs faster

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This is a comprehensive, proven strategy that will help your clients uncover what they want to do next in their career and give them the plan to get there. You'll learn how to take a holistic view of the job search, helping not only to build a client's resume, but their confidence as well.

Mindset for the Job

Clarity on the Job

Finding the Job

Marketing to the Job

Landing the Job







RE: First client!

Good Morning! I looked through the marketing strategy you sent on Monday and there's five areas of improvement I can see. Here's the game plan.... 


get certified

craft A simple marketing plan

raise your prices

create an irresistible offer

Find your first client

review your website or marketing materials

Access to biz coach via email

2x monthly group coaching calls

You’ll get the step-by-step playbook to build your career coaching practice in 90 days or less. Beyond our self-guided curriculum, you'll have access to get all your questions answered - from landing your first client, to better website copy, to questions around LLCs....we have all the answers.

Wish you had someone to ask all your burning business questions to?

We’ve got you covered. 

business COACHING

Exclusive Perks

Digital Community

Virtual Connection Events

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By joining the RTE Certification, you’ll get to meet other ambitious business owners like you. We pride ourselves on building a community of high achievers - people who are growth-minded, supportive, and fun. If that sounds like you, you’ll fit right in.

Hate feeling alone?
Cool, we do too.


Diversify your income streams by selling the RTE course or refer other coaches to the certification.

commission opportunities

Bonus #2

Be the first we hire when we receive a call from a company laying off their employees.

outplacement coaching

Bonus #1

What's included

get certified. get paid.
in 90 days or less.

Exclusive licensing to use the RTE methodology with clients

Access to RTE Career Coaching Business Plan

Automatically on deck for contract outplacement opportunities

Featured on our Directory as a preferred Strategist

Access to exclusive commission opportunities

Knowledge Center of worksheets, guides, templates, and scripts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see yours? REACH OUT

What happens when I sign up?

As soon as you sign up, you'll get access to all of the materials to start your certification journey. You will also get you connected to one of our Certification Advisors who can help you as you navigate through the materials. Plus, we'll send you a goodie in the mail as well!


how much does it cost?

The investment for this certification is $4,997. Most certifications aren't as robust and cost more. Think of this as an initial startup investment in your business. Our goal is to have you recuperate the investment (and then some!) in less than 90 days. Additionally, our certification is the only career coaching certification program that will actually hire you after you complete it. It's win-win for everyone!


How do I get certified?

We don't want this to become overwhelming, but because we see ourselves as the "Ivy League" of career coaching certification programs - we do require a level of excellence and vetting. Our certification process requires you to complete all of the RTE methodology trainings, take a short 30-question quiz, and submit two coaching calls, resume & LinkedIn profiles for review and feedback.


can you explain the outplacement coaching opportunity?

Sure thing! We offer outplacement services to organizations who are going through layoffs. When a company hires us, we then hire contracted career coaches and strategists to support those transitioning employees. Our Certified RTE Strategists are the first we hire to fulfill those needs. So, once you finish your certification, you'll be put on our "short list" of Strategists to call. Think of it as another revenue opportunity!



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