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we provide outplacement services For people-first companies

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our promise is to provide modern solutions for a modern workforce

We exist to help companies and their employees through their most challenging transitions.


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We believe that with the right tools, resources, and support - companies and their employees can build meaningful, thriving workplaces and careers.

To redeem

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Jena Dunay

I founded Recruit the Employer because I had numerous candidates hire me after terrible experiences with employer-sponsored outplacement firms.

As a career coach, I was appalled. These solutions were ineffective, sad, overwhelming, impersonal and antiquated.

As a result, we've designed RTE to be effective, fun (yes, fun!) , simplified, compassionate, personal and modern. Together with our team of world-class Career Strategists, we work to serve our client's goals while still maintaining a high level of support for employees.

I started RTE because I saw how broken the outplacement industry is

It's an immense honor to be chosen to help a company and their employees as they navigate a challenging season of change. We don't take that responsibility lightly and are committed to holistically care for the employees you've entrusted to us.

We care about your employees.

we are stewards

We believe that it’s our responsibility to steward what we’ve been given. 


We believe in the power of grit, perseverance and taking calculated risks.


 We believe everyone deserves respect.


We believe that less is more and quality is determined by our results.


Our company values

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We not only help companies as they offboard employees, we help them think strategically about attracting and retaining high performers. 

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