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June 22 - 25, 2021

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networking alone is responsible for 85% of all jobs

So stop tweaking your resume a thousand times, praying that the recruiting gods will show you favor. No! Instead, you need a strong networking strategy that will work not only when you need a job....but set you up for success in your entire career.

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This workshop will take your job search from chaotic and a failure to fun and organized.

As a person who landed 4 different jobs in 5 years at 3 different companies, I can assure you that I never landed a job from submitting my resume online. Nope! All of those jobs were through strategic networking and uncovering the "hidden job market".

We want to keep you from getting lost in the shuffle and instead interact with real humans at your target companies.

and no, you don't need to act like a sleazy salesperson to be successful

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This is for you if...

Your job search feels like a haphazard mess, and you want control back.

You are happy enough in your job, but you're wondering if there is something more out there.

You are tired of relying on bots to tell you if you're "qualified enough".

You are looking for better strategies to network so that you can stop avoiding it and actually make real connections.

You believe in the power of personal and professional development.

You're a self-proclaimed ambitious, overachieving career woman

Who to reach out to, depending on your situation.

How to reach out to key hiring managers and recruiters.

What to say when you actually get them on the phone.

A built-in network of other women like you - plus scripts and templates.

over the course of a week

you'll learn and receive:

Confident, excited and motivated to take back control of your job search and career

you'll feel:

only $47!

This live workshop includes...

see what you'll learn each day + the people you'll meet

Day 01. the framework for successful networking

Learn why networking is more impactful than applying online and the 4 steps to successfully networking your way to an interview.

Day 02. who to network with

Networking. Sounds great...but WHO do you network with? Recruiters? Hiring Managers? We teach you who to network with depending on where you are in your career.

Day 03. how to reach out without feeling sleazy

In this session we unlock the nitty gritty details of how to reach out to people you know AND don't know to build your network and ultimately land an interview.

Day 04. what to say when you're on a networking call

So you got someone to agree to hop on a call with you....now what?! We teach you what to say and how to pitch yourself in a non-sleazy way so that you impress your new contact.

Day 04. How to follow up with class

Don't just connect with a cold contact once! Learn the methods to stay top of mind with your network once you make a connection. 

BONUS: Private LinkedIn Community + FREE JOURNAL

Want to practice your networking skills ASAP? We provide you with a built-in group of other ambitious, successful women to network with. Plus! Get a free copy of The Career Map Journal in the mail!

Some people call me a masochist, but I personally love networking. It's the #1 reason I believe I've been successful in my corporate and entrepreneurial career.

But when I started my career I had no connections. I was a first generation college kid who knew no one in finance or tech....until I networked my way there.

You can too with the strategies I'll teach you in this workshop.

Meet your guide

jena viviano — ex-wall streeter turned career coach, expert networker, expert cheese taster

Questions and Answers

i can't make the times, will there be a replay?

Yes, you'll have access to the trainings for 1 week post the sessions! We encourage you to still participate in the private LinkedIn group though!

What if I'm not looking to change jobs? 

We believe that you can't just network when you need something - so this workshop is relevant for you EVEN IF you don't want to change jobs immediately. We've had people use this workshop to get clarity on their next move, find a mentor and land speaking gigs!

How long are the sessions?

We know you are a busy woman, so these are bite sized 45 minute sessions that are jam packed with information.

A workbook to go through the week

A copy of The Career Map Journal

A private LinkedIn group of other ambitious women

A no-pressure info session to learn more about how we can fully support you throughout your 

What you also get from this workshop...

yeah, that's not all

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