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Join a tribe of fellow ambitious career women for a 6 month journey of coaching, community and strategy.

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If you're a woman who is a quintessential overachiever, believes that investing in herself goes beyond formal education and understands that mindset is just as important as strategy....
Recruit the Employer is for you. 

If you're tired of the same boring job search strategies that are getting you nowhere......
Recruit the Employer is for you.

If you're ready to expand your network and connect with other career women from around the world......
Recruit the Employer is for you.

Is this right for me?

your resume getting lost in the abyss or getting to the final round of an interview...just to get rejected again?

are you sick of...

like you should be networking, but have zero idea how to do it effectively?

do you feel...

to be surrounded by other rockstar women, boost your confidence and get the support you need?

do you want...

- Kim, RTE grad

"I have recommended the RTE course to everyone I know, no matter their situation - employed/unemployed, 10 years experience or 30. "

The steps to your new job

step one

CEO's aren't appointed, they are made. In this module, we'll teach you how to stop groveling for a job and start thinking like a CEO - a woman who knows what she wants and how much she should be paid. We'll blast through the limiting beliefs while breaking through money mindset issues so that you can feel confident enough to negotiate thousands more.

The CEO Mindset

step two

Are you confused what you want to do with your next career move? This module is dedicated to helping you uncover what you want, what you're good at and the value you bring to the marketplace. We teach you to think like the entrepreneur of your own career, focused on the next right move that will help you reach your long-term goals.

Clarity on
the job

step three

Gone are the days where finding a job is impossible! You'll no longer be scrolling mindlessly through Indeed or LinkedIn. Instead, we teach you a simple, repeatable system to find not just any job....but the right job for you. With our proprietary Job Funnel System, we give you a step-by-step process to quit applying online and actually connect with real humans.

Finding the Job

Resume, LinkedIn, Cover Letters, Elevator Pitches, Personal Websites, oh my! In this module we give you templates, tools and scripts to help you simplify the hardest part of the job process (and where MOST women go wrong): Selling yourself in a nonsleazy way. We teach you exactly what to say to make sure you stand out as an irresistible client - on paper and in real life.

Marketing to
the job

Our favorite part! Making you money! In this module, we prepare you so that you could answer interview questions in your sleep. And once you get that offer? We teach you exactly how to negotiate more money, more time off, and more responsibility.

This lesson alone is worth the entire program. 

Landing the Job

step four
step five

the expertise

Simply put: our 5-step methodology works. We've helped hundreds of candidates stand out, become irresistible hires and get their resumes to the top of the pile. Not to mention, our strategies cover what most job search programs don't: MINDSET.

That imposter syndrome that's holding you back? We help you banish it. That job you're scared to go after? We work on your mindset so you believe you deserve to be there.

We don't help you just land the next job. We overhaul your entire career.

the community

We don't have to tell you that doing the job search thing can be very lonely and discouraging. So in Recruit the Employer, we give you a LOT of support.

We equip you with 2x monthly coaching calls with Jena & Team, a private LinkedIn group and networking opportunities so that you can get your questions answered....and start building relationships.

As women in the workplace: We are better together.

the confidence

How many people can say that job searching BOOSTED their confidence? Um, no one.

....Except the women in this class.

Women have come out of this cohort feeling empowered, excited and ready to rock it in their career. 

They believed they deserved a seat at the table, they've negotiated for $10-50k+ more and felt confident enough to apply to jobs they weren't 100% qualified for.

Are you ready to say good bye to imposter syndrome and hello to bold confidence?

the tools

We supply our RTE Tribe members with the best-in-class tools, trainings, templates, FAQs and scripts to make finding and landing that dream job a breeze.

Have no clue exactly how to write your cover letter? We give you a foolproof template. Want to network, but are scared that your message won't get read? We have dozens of scripts to help you make meaningful connections. Need to create some structure around your job search? We give you a step-by-step system.

To put it simply: You won't ever wonder how to find and land a job ever again.

What makes us unique

- Anne S., RTE grad

"Recruit the Employer still would've been worth it without the job, without the raise. it's the clarity, the confidence and the tools to navigate my change that made this program worth it."

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Think like an athlete

Olympian athletes don't go-it-alone or think, "Hmm let me try the DIY method." No! They hire a top coach to help them reach their goals. Asking for help is a SIGN of leadership - not a weakness.

investing in yourself is self care

We KNOW this is an investment. But if you talk to any successful woman out there, you'll find she invested in her personal and professional development. Give yourself the gift of commitment.

"Job seekers are 2.67x more likely to achieve success with a career coach."

Like a college course, this program needs to be viewed not as a cost but an investment in your future. Participants experience up to a 6x ROI through salary negotiations!


6 monthly payments of

One Payment of



*savings of $1,000+


Who this is not for:

If you aren't looking to be challenged and don't see the value in investing in yourself, this program isn't for you

you don't have a growth mindset

While this methodology helps expedite the search, it's best for women who have the time to make a strategic career move in the next 6-9 months

you need a new job tomorrow

While we love your enthusiasm (Keep it going!), this program is designed for mid-to-senior level women who are typically six-figure earners

you are new in your career

Questions & Answers

you ask. we answer.

how long does Recruit the Employer last?

We provide you with coaching support, accountability and community for 6 months. While you have lifetime access to the strategies, you'll have the option to remain a part of the community post the initial 6 months.

What's included again?

A lot! 23+ video lessons, templates, scripts, how-to-guides and resources. Not to mention, the personalized support in our weekly coaching calls and our private LinkedIn group where you can connect with likeminded professionals.

Can you guarantee a job with rte?

While we can't 100% guarantee a job offer (any career coach who does...run!), we do believe that if you follow the process, work on your mindset and stay resilient, these strategies will work.

Step One:

Fill out an application

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recruit the employer

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